• #Boutique Hotels in Puerto

  • The benefits of finding great Boutique Hotels in Puerto Vallarta are great.

    You can find these style of accommodation in this destination, for the experimented traveller that looks for the special and the personalized service.

    The intimate space for your vacations, that kind of intimacy can´t easily found in big Chains Hotels and Resorts, we know what you are looking.

    Most of these boutique hotels are small enough to have it´s own charm and personality, that suits the traveler itself.

    Here in Viarta, being located in Mexico with it´s huge history, culture, and traditions, make most of these hotels unique, mixing i´ts regional flavor with the modern decor.

    Enjoy the best meals, drinks, experiences from the fine personal that is going to make your vacations more than memorable.

    Some of this incredible places are pet friendly, so don´t waste the chance to enjoy your vacations with your very best friend.

    • Hotels

      Petit Hotel dHafa

      Petit Hotel Hafa is a boutique hotel experience of bohemian tropical Mexico. Enjoy the roof deck overlooking all of Sayulita while being only two blocks from the...

    • Hotel Rio Puerto Vallarta
    • Hotel Kupuri

      Hotel Kupuri

      Situated on downtown but also with the beach just meters away. All our rooms are equipped with LCD TV, A/C, Internet and luxury bathroom.

      Available Rooms
    • Hotel Cinco

      Hotel Cinco

      Pristine organic living experience in a refined atmosphere. Here, a healthy lifestyle is paramount, but shoes are optional. Local, farm-to-table fare is standard, but...

      Available Rooms
    • Garza Blanca Preserve Resort and Spa

      Garza Blanca Preserve Resort and Spa

      Mexico’s most luxurious optional all inclusive resorts Banderas Bay. Spanning 85 acres of lush tropical jungle and beach, this elegant oceanfront resort promises unique...

      Available Rooms
    • Hotels

      Hotel Vogue

      Hotel Vogue is located in El Centro, only 200 steps from Sayulita’s ocean beaches. Each suite at Hotel Vogue is equipped with air conditioning, fans, purified water...

    • Vacation Rentals

      Casa Isabel

      Puerto Vallarta is an ideal vacation destination for any taste and traveler. All of us at Casa Isabel are at your service and our job is to do whatever we can to make...